Why you should purchase mylar bags domestically instead of overseas.

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Buying cannabis bags domestically is an increasingly popular option for those looking to purchase quality products. There are several reasons why consumers should opt for domestic sources over buying from overseas suppliers. Here are just a few of the top reasons why you should buy your cannabis bags domestically.

Let’s take a look at why custom packaging is important for your cannabis brand:

China uses non-food safe UV inks

The use of ultraviolet (UV) inks is common practice for mylar bags produced overseas. It is not safe to use ultraviolet (UV) inks on products that may be consumed or come into contact with food and/or cannabis. UV inks contain chemicals that leach into food products and can be hazardous to health when ingested. It is important to research the safety of any ink used for food contact printing applications before selecting it for your project. Additionally, many regulatory agencies such as the FDA have specific requirements regarding materials used in food contact areas and must be followed to ensure compliance with the law.

Our in-house digital printing press uses FDA approved toner for direct food and cannabis contact.

US Customs randomly seizes cannabis bags

Recently, the United States Border Patrol seized several cannabis-related pouch bags from a shipment at a port of entry in Oregon. The shipment was intended to be imported into the United States, however, due to their hemp-based materials and cannabis related designs, they were stopped by Customs officials. The package contained various sizes of the pouch bags with images that indicated the use of smoking marijuana. These seizures have been increasing as more and more countries have started to legalize cannabis usage on various levels. It remains to be seen how law enforcement will continue to handle such imports in the future.

Before bringing our mylar bag production in-house, we used to import pouch bags for our customers and have had thousands of dollars worth of bags seized by US and China customs because the pouches were cannabis related.

Lengthy shipping times and delays

Bringing in mylar bags from China is cost-efficient however, you’re left with two shipping options. 1) pay outrageous air freight prices to get them in 6 weeks or 2) pay for sea freight and wait 12-16 weeks for your bags to arrive. Going with air freight you’ll receive your bags in around 6 weeks but oftentimes the shipping costs are more than the bags and you run a higher risk of the bags being seized. Going with sea freight, you’ll get great freight prices but your bags will take 12-16 weeks to arrive and it runs the risk of being held up at the shipping port. 

Supporting Local Businesses

When you buy domestically, you’re supporting local businesses in your community, rather than funneling money to offshore suppliers. Your dollars keep circulating within the United States and stay in the hands of American workers who provide quality services.

The cost savings offered by custom bulk orders are hard to ignore – especially if you’re working on tight budgets or limited funds during startup operations – but you don’t have to compromise style or quality when ordering in bulk quantities due to our digital printing technologies which offers large quantity discounts without sacrificing aesthetics or performance.

Higher Quality Products

Domestic manufacturers of cannabis bags typically use higher-quality materials and offer more robust construction, making sure their products can stand up to heavy use over time. They also pay close attention to detail, ensuring that all of their products look as good as they function — a benefit that isn’t always offered by overseas suppliers.

Safety and Sanitation Standards

Products manufactured domestically must meet safety and sanitation standards set forth by federal regulators such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This helps guarantee that consumers get a safe product free from impurities or contaminants that could cause harm when used. Overseas manufacturers may not have these same safeguards in place, leading to lower-grade or dangerous products.

Strong Customer Service Support

When you buy from domestic producers, you’ll typically receive strong customer support before, during, and after your purchase — something international sales may not be able to offer if there’s any kind of communication breakdown between seller and buyer. Having access to customer service agents who fully understand the language can save you time when it comes to any potential issues with your product or shipment dates. 

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